Worldtech WT-DDN621AND

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Android 6.0.1, Intel Atom quad core processor, 16 GB internal storage, Plays playback. DVD / VCD / MP3 / CD, Bluetooth version 4.0 can be used for both Bluetooth music and making or receiving phone calls. WiFi support


Product details of NEW !!! The AndroidTM WT-DDN621AND (AndroidTM) is a complete in-car audio solution.

  • Android 6.0.1
  • Intel Atom quad core processor
  • 16 GB internal storage
  • Plays playback. DVD / VCD / MP3 / CD
  • Bluetooth version 4.0 can be used for both Bluetooth music and making or receiving phone calls.
  • WiFi support
  • Can use both front and rear camera.
  • Steering wheel or steering wheel access.
  • Usable for USB / SD / MMC CARD
  • With AUX
  • Can use Mirror Link on both Android and iOS.

Worldtech is your best choice for replacing old models. Our mission is to be the expert in the field of automotive electronics and let you enjoy every second of the road. The subject of car stereo has for many years. We have built and built a car with Android 6.0 operating system to be unique for our users.

This product comes with a unique and unique design. The machine is black. The 6.2- inch touch screen is comfortable to use and comes with more stable Anti Shock .

It also supports Wi – Fi and 3G / 4G internet connectivity. WiFi Hotspot allows you to access thousands of Internet and applications. The Google Play Storegives you even more fun. When in the car

GPS navigation system

Supports both offline and offline maps in various ways. You will not miss any more trips. Easy to use Google Map, Google Map tells you on every trip.


The large USB / TF CARD memory allows you to download your favorite music or movies and listen to them on the go.

Connect using Steering Wheel or function controls on the steering wheel. It gives you control over your music, volume, and much more comfortably through your steering wheel. This makes driving your car even safer.

Compatible format Full HD 1080P.

Support for Bluetooth

Worldtech’s players come with built-in Bluetooth. So you can use your mobile phone without having to bend down to press on the mobile screen anymore. You can use your hands to drive and focus on the road ahead. Comes with a built-in microphone for use with the phone via a Bluetooth connection. It can support Bluetooth connectivity with any smartphone brand. Easily find your contacts on the device. No need to bend in your mobile anymore.

Supports Mirror Link

Compatible with all Android smartphones (Android) and ios. You can connect your smartphone to the front-end of your car stereo. The system can be used as a smartphone, whether access to the main menu, photos, videos, maps, without the need for additional applications.

Supports multi-touch screen, a capacitive touch screen software. Supports up to 5-inch touchscreens.

Full HD 1080P support for all types of video and audio.


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